Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nance Rant 3-11-2010


Go read the whole thing, but here's a few excerpts:

Well, if we’re going to talk about shoving things down people’s throats, let’s talk turkey – specifically a plastic turkey, served with all of the traditional synthetic trimmings, a dish perfected by the POP (photo-op party), who had no shame in declaring their “strong on national defence” credentials after the attacks of 9-11 happened on their watch.

For eight years, what I had shoved down my throat was the idea that a scatterbrained idiot was legitimately elected to the presidency, that his ignorance and downright stupidity was an example of down-home charm, that his inability to prove fulfillment of his military service was of no consequence, that his drunken displays in public forums were a matter of an unfortunate misunderestimation of a complete and utter failure who had finally achieved his rightful place as a cowboy-booted frat boy who made good – thanks to a well-stacked-in-the-GOP’s-favor Supreme Court, and a complicit mainstream media that – despite it’s legendary liberal bias – was all too willing to look the other way.

I am told that the Teabaggers are a grassroots movement, meaning that people who can’t even spell the words on their protest signs had the intellectual wherewithal to organize nation-wide protests of – well, they can’t really explain what it is they’re protesting – but, God-damn it, they mean it. I suppose that passion alone explains why the MSM shoves coverage of their every event – as poorly attended as they may be – down my throat, while having completely ignored worldwide protests of the War in Iraq as being of little consequence.

In addition to the aforementioned down-the-throat-shoving with a fuckin’ backhoe, I have been told repeatedly that FOX-News is a legitimate news source, that a drug-addled tub-o’-lard like Rush Limbaugh is a patriotic American, that Glenn Beck has his country’s best interests at heart, that a woman who couldn’t name a single newspaper that she regularly reads was the stuff great vice-presidents are made of
WHEW. Go. Read.

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