Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GOP laments end of the world as they know it

Some of the bleating and whimpering I hear from the intertubes is sad... so sad.

Just recently read this tear-jerking passage on a bit of electronic flotsam that floated by:
Let it be said here and now: I’m glad my 50-year career as a reasonably successful independent, self-employed small business owner engaged in (who cares) ended in 19981. For one thing, the bureaucratic red tape was already intractable2 and will be 10 times worse under Markey’s new law3. (blah blah bs removed here), I just don’t see any of the incentives any more that made so many of us want to thrive and achieve4. And we did, despite poor health, economic hardships5 and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

America, America, have we lost our way?
Yep... the days when you could drop by City Hall for a quick nod from your pal in the back room to get whatever you needed are long gone. Those 'incentives' are gone too - no more subsidies for industries killing the planet and the people on it... damn that's a cryin shame. There's just nothing like knowing you can lie, cheat and steal with impunity knowing for sure your pals in the courthouse will cover your ass. I'll just bet when those pesky 'little people' got their hands into the government with those damned Freedom of Information Act requests it was the end of a really sweet setup.

May it rest in peace and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

1.  Hey, lots of us are glad too - thrilled actually.
2.  You couldn't buy your way around anything any more
3.  "...for hard-core partisan GOP members."
4.  Yep, the royalty is all dying off - not a moment too soon either
5.  Sigh... no more month-long trips to Hawaii and boar hunts with city hall pals

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  1. Doogman, not so fast. Just got home from a Longmont city council meeting; and the best Longmont government money and lies could buy is talking about LOWERING permit fees. Why, to encourage development, of course. Sounds an awful like draft dodger "W" saying that if we cut taxes it will reduce the deficit. If developers can't pay full freight, then they certainly can't afford to build -- no matter what that might be. Just another government handout only this time it's for the GREEDY not the NEEDY.


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