Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Done Deal

From the DrudgeRetort:

CIA Agent: Iraq War Was 'Done Deal' in 2002
In summer 2002, CIA operative John Kiriakou was working at headquarters in Virginia when he was summoned to a top-secret meeting. He said he was told the Bush administration had decided the United States was going to invade Iraq in the spring -- it was a done deal. His job was to support the mission. Kiriakou said he was dumbfounded. "Here was someone at the CIA, obviously plugged into the plans of the executive branch, telling us that the public debate in Congress, reflected almost daily in the press, meant nothing," he writes in his new book The Reluctant Spy. Months later, Congress passed a war resolution. [Drudge Retort]

With any kind of luck these two pieces o' filth will end up in front of a firing squad. The Iraq war was planned long before 9-11 which begs other questions.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

One day that's blockbuster is going to blow, no matter how much the wingnuts lie and cover up.

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