Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pseudonymously Yours

Hi kids!

Figured it was time to  stick another pin in the wrinkled and saggy butts of the Longmont Lunatic Fringe.

One of the frequent and virulent pseudonymous1 commenters at the Times-Call website goes by the acridnymph 'DF' - since these fine 'pillars' of the community seem so enamored of making up fake names2 I thought I'd offer a few guesses as to what 'DF' might mean3:

DF - Diseased and Flatulent (would explain the stench I keep smelling around town)

DF - Demented Fool (pretty obvious just from the language/grammar/generally ignorant comments)

DF - Dumpy Foody (astute followers of local politics may figure this one out)

DF - Dying Flagellator (at least it looks that way)


1. I.E. ball-less cowards who get off on macho posturing and blowing things up - pretending that enhances your virility in some bizarre way.

2. Because they've never moved past high-school and believe the world should be run by the most violent with the most money (see #1).

3.  Because if I posted anything derogatory about these clowns ON the TC somehow I suspect their pals in TC management would make sure it never saw the light of day - because let's face it, freedom of speech only works one way for them - at least as far as I can see.

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