Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crouching Blogger, Hidden Douchebags

Well, the Longmont Lunatic Fringe Smear Brigade (or LLFSB as I think of them) is hard at work today over at the LongmontLedger.

Apparently the latest set of lies is that I'm somehow part of the dog-pooping of Marilyn Muskrat's offices. There's some sublime humor for ya. No wonder the lunatic fringe is looking to hang that on someone - they didn't get their man (much like Bush could never find Bin Laden - and I'm sure they think I'm just as bad... although the police in Longmont have found our lone bomber.) You can bet your bottom dollar the reason this lie is being pushed is because Muskrat staffers are hand-in-glove with the Baum Squad and are no doubt helping them coordinate their smear campaigns. Once a Muskrat, always a muskrat.

As for the Lifebridge sign, I don't generally do the vandalism thing. Someone called me and told me to go take that photo - so I did. I found it immensely amusing. My guess? The sign was poorly made and the letter fell off - God's prone to cosmic humor like that. Longmont Police haven't said a peep to me. Feel free to ask them.

As for displaying anyone's email address, please. If you're going to participate in dirty politics, don't cry when it gets exposed. How anyone thinks publishing that email 'led to her email being scammed' is advertising their own ignorance. People get scammed because they don't understand internet security and often use weak passwords - that's my guess. Or maybe it was just a publicity stunt from someone desperate for public attention - like all the Lunatic Fringe.

Keep smearin kids, all those anonymous posts just underline how frightened you are.

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