Friday, January 8, 2010

41% was bad - 28% must be worse

It's interesting... when you examine the Lunatic Fringe's own words, they sometimes make sense. (I know, it's shocking)

In a now-deleted (but archived in my newsreader program) post on By the People and For the People, our glorious Mayor's own wife had this to say about the last council election that swept the Progressives into power:
From: How Hard is it to Fill Out a Mail In Ballot?

Sometimes I wonder, considering the election this past November where only 41% of registered voters took the time to fill out a ballot. FORTY ONE PERCENT! I truly don't get it? It can't even be the cost of a stamp that kept people from voting because the ballots could be dropped off. So why? Complacency. Or perhaps ignorance? Either way, it is because of people choosing to ignore their right (or as I feel, their duty) to vote that has landed our city where it is right now.

Apparently 'complacency' and 'ignorance' are okay when your team wins... especially when all the dirty politics go unnoticed. So when people 'ignore their right' (or in this case far right) or 'duty' it's just fine if they're Progressives. Anything to win after all.

I have to commend the mayor's wife for pointing this out and I promise I'll do everything I can to help remedy the 'complacency' and 'ignorance' that 'landed our city where it is right now'.

Truth and justice are the hallmarks of the American way and I'm sure once the other 72% of Longmont's voters realize the truth of just how seriously they've been screwed over, they'll be demanding justice.

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