Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well, now we know where wingnuts come from

Shark's Virgin Birth Confirmed

Genetic analysis has confirmed the first known case of surviving offspring being born to a virgin female shark. Kevin Feldheim, manager of the Field Museum's Pritzker Laboratory for Molecular Systematics and Evolution, said a genetic analysis of a white-spotted bamboo shark and its two offspring revealed the female shark gave birth without the involvement of a male.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick shout out...

... to all my loyal adversaries! Here's hoping you're having a great day planning your next victory. By all means keep being hard-cores and do everything possible to step on citizens rights to free speech, that will endear the populace to you. Really. Keep it up, people love being oppressed by wealthy jerks. Seriously. Maybe the mayor could just discontinue Public Invited To Be Heard entirely and just have a public flogging of whichever dissident the wingnuts designate and Channel 3 could televise it. I'm sure Ms. Baum would love play Vanna White at that little show. Ugh... on second thought...


I love when I read stuff like this from my Longmont Adversary:

I never had to resort to such tactics to be seen and heard.

Nope, not that we know of.

And with all the campaign money that will dumped in by the truckload by the CO GOP, you can no doubt count on much, much more vicious (and of course anonymous) tripe from these same sources.

Wake up Longmont, your town is being suborned by the far wingnut right.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Highland Ranch residents resist large church development

From the Denver Post:

Colorado Christian ends Highlands Ranch quest

Colorado Christian University announced Monday afternoon it is withdrawing its request to purchase 100 acres for a new campus from the Highlands Ranch Community Association because of growing opposition by residents.

The university had planned to move its Lakewood campus serving 1,500 students to the proposed site about a mile south of Rocky Heights Middle School, west of Monarch Road, in Highlands Ranch. The parcel in Highlands Ranch backcountry is a habitat for wildlife, including a large population of elk.
Highlands Ranch residents have expressed concerns about increased traffic on already congested arteries, noise and light pollution, strain on county services, loss of wildlife habitat and diminished property values.

Residents were also troubled by the prospect of subsidizing a private tax-exempt organization with their tax dollars, university officials said.

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Hm. Huge religious development. Wants tax breaks. Citizens stand up and say no.

Why is this so familiar? I could swear I've read about this somewhere else...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crouching Blogger, Hidden Douchebags

Well, the Longmont Lunatic Fringe Smear Brigade (or LLFSB as I think of them) is hard at work today over at the LongmontLedger.

Apparently the latest set of lies is that I'm somehow part of the dog-pooping of Marilyn Muskrat's offices. There's some sublime humor for ya. No wonder the lunatic fringe is looking to hang that on someone - they didn't get their man (much like Bush could never find Bin Laden - and I'm sure they think I'm just as bad... although the police in Longmont have found our lone bomber.) You can bet your bottom dollar the reason this lie is being pushed is because Muskrat staffers are hand-in-glove with the Baum Squad and are no doubt helping them coordinate their smear campaigns. Once a Muskrat, always a muskrat.

As for the Lifebridge sign, I don't generally do the vandalism thing. Someone called me and told me to go take that photo - so I did. I found it immensely amusing. My guess? The sign was poorly made and the letter fell off - God's prone to cosmic humor like that. Longmont Police haven't said a peep to me. Feel free to ask them.

As for displaying anyone's email address, please. If you're going to participate in dirty politics, don't cry when it gets exposed. How anyone thinks publishing that email 'led to her email being scammed' is advertising their own ignorance. People get scammed because they don't understand internet security and often use weak passwords - that's my guess. Or maybe it was just a publicity stunt from someone desperate for public attention - like all the Lunatic Fringe.

Keep smearin kids, all those anonymous posts just underline how frightened you are.

Friday, January 8, 2010

41% was bad - 28% must be worse

It's interesting... when you examine the Lunatic Fringe's own words, they sometimes make sense. (I know, it's shocking)

In a now-deleted (but archived in my newsreader program) post on By the People and For the People, our glorious Mayor's own wife had this to say about the last council election that swept the Progressives into power:
From: How Hard is it to Fill Out a Mail In Ballot?

Sometimes I wonder, considering the election this past November where only 41% of registered voters took the time to fill out a ballot. FORTY ONE PERCENT! I truly don't get it? It can't even be the cost of a stamp that kept people from voting because the ballots could be dropped off. So why? Complacency. Or perhaps ignorance? Either way, it is because of people choosing to ignore their right (or as I feel, their duty) to vote that has landed our city where it is right now.

Apparently 'complacency' and 'ignorance' are okay when your team wins... especially when all the dirty politics go unnoticed. So when people 'ignore their right' (or in this case far right) or 'duty' it's just fine if they're Progressives. Anything to win after all.

I have to commend the mayor's wife for pointing this out and I promise I'll do everything I can to help remedy the 'complacency' and 'ignorance' that 'landed our city where it is right now'.

Truth and justice are the hallmarks of the American way and I'm sure once the other 72% of Longmont's voters realize the truth of just how seriously they've been screwed over, they'll be demanding justice.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pseudonymously Yours

Hi kids!

Figured it was time to  stick another pin in the wrinkled and saggy butts of the Longmont Lunatic Fringe.

One of the frequent and virulent pseudonymous1 commenters at the Times-Call website goes by the acridnymph 'DF' - since these fine 'pillars' of the community seem so enamored of making up fake names2 I thought I'd offer a few guesses as to what 'DF' might mean3:

DF - Diseased and Flatulent (would explain the stench I keep smelling around town)

DF - Demented Fool (pretty obvious just from the language/grammar/generally ignorant comments)

DF - Dumpy Foody (astute followers of local politics may figure this one out)

DF - Dying Flagellator (at least it looks that way)


1. I.E. ball-less cowards who get off on macho posturing and blowing things up - pretending that enhances your virility in some bizarre way.

2. Because they've never moved past high-school and believe the world should be run by the most violent with the most money (see #1).

3.  Because if I posted anything derogatory about these clowns ON the TC somehow I suspect their pals in TC management would make sure it never saw the light of day - because let's face it, freedom of speech only works one way for them - at least as far as I can see.