Saturday, November 14, 2009

Predictions and performance

It's interesting to note these posts from the still-present - both on the same evening, about an hour apart.

January 12, 2008
Prediction: Gang of Four out in Two

The guy and gal who blog at and respectively, say it better then me, so for now, I'll let you find out about the shenanigans of the new City Council on their blogs. Really outrageous, what's going on down there.

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Why this election is critical to the future of Longmont

Stephanie Baum cuts to the chase.

Longmont is at a crossroads

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I've posted numerous times about Ms. Baum's admission about - which she subsequently recanted - going to great lengths to deflect any connection, claiming she was just protecting her friend and desperate to end the accusations. Bottom line to me has become this: the supporters of Santos, Baum, Witt (and to a lesser degree Sammoury) just don't care - anything to win is the GOP's favorite slogan, after all. Mission Accomplished and it's Time to Bury the Bodies.

Well, so far they have a 50% accuracy record. Based on the nonstop drumbeat of negative attacks, I'd say McCoy and Hansen are in for a real fistfight when they're up for re-election - it's pretty clear big money in Longmont has PLANS and they're in the way.

During the last election we had a string of blogs pop up, I thought it would be good to catalog them here:

as well as the usual list of suspects that I will refrain from mentioning (again) simply because.

This battle's over but the war goes on.

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