Friday, September 4, 2009

Margaret and Helen must-read

The old gals are bang-on the money again, here's a taste:

Margaret.  I got your message about  Glenn Beck.   Let me just say this about that.  Glenn Beck is a loon.   I mean the man is not right in the head.  And that’s all I will say about that.

Harold and I just got back from visiting our newest great granddaughter in Dallas.  Did you know that there is a billboard on Interstate 35 that says, “Where’s the birth certificate?”   Now what idiot Republican has so much money that he can waste it on that?   Surely there is some charity somewhere that could have put that money to better use.

But even crazier than that is all this fuss about President Obama’s planned speech for school children.   George W. Bush was reading The Pet Goat to a group of elementary students in Florida while planes crashed into the World Trade Center.  Not exactly a bright spot in his otherwise dimwitted years as President.   But hey,  he was the leader of the free world and still found time to read to children.    Isn’t that sweet?  And yet, somehow President Obama giving a speech to school children on the importance of staying in school and making good grades is heresy.

I ask you, Margaret, has the entire Republican Party gone mad?

Enough is enough.  All in favor of calling bullshit please raise your hand.

Go read the rest

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