Friday, September 4, 2009

Just Lay Down

"Just Lay Down" seems to be the advice coming from the right - except when it's their turn. The Dems aren't supposed to filibuster, just go along when they're in the minority - shut up or we'll use the nuclear option on you! Now that the GOP is in the minority they've used the filibuster more than any other time in history. So much for 'going along' and 'bipartisanship'.

Now we have right-wing Longmont City Council candidates pronouncing that the city should just 'lay down' because a lawsuit 'isn't winnable' - golly, think there's any political motivation there?

All I can say is that the old money and power in Longmont better get a tight grip if they think they're going to take over again - all the noise about 'popular opinion' being against Council is bullshit and the screamers know it. The lame poll with 125 names on it represents a tiny splinter of the city - a splinter that's been jammed in the gears of progress for twenty years. We got that splinter OUT during the last election and my instinct is that the city isn't going to lay down for another violent screwing by the 'screw you, I got mine' crowd.

Throw all the money you want at smear campaigns and internet photocopies of howling wingnuttery, it didn't work for McCain and the GOP and it's not going to work for the Council elections.

People got wise to the 'astroturfing' scams and saw through the Potemkin villages that McCain's campaign tried to use. We saw dissenters being arrested and protest being brutally surpressed. We know how the right rolls - they roll US.

Don't get rolled Longmont, say no to Santos and Baum. Period.

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