Sunday, August 30, 2009

More bullshit from Times-Call

I'll bet Dick Lehman is sweating.

Losing the business of publishing city notices is about five digits worth of cash. Instead of leading the way and getting these notices on the web years ago, the Times-Call has kept their head stuck firmly in the sand and now is crying the blues about it.

The 'opinion' piece is a real 'piece' alright...

Here's my comment about it since I suspect it will get pulled for 'abuse' - what a delicious dodge. Anything you don't like suddenly becomes 'abuse' and 'poof' it's gone. Sorry, not when city journalists have their own publishing mechanism.

Hell, I'll publish the damn notices for FREE if the Times-Call can't nut up.

(my comment)

"where the notices can easily be lost in cyberspace with no permanent access or record of publishing" - Not if documentation is kept by the publisher. Is the Times-Call management saying implicitly that they can't keep good records? Or is this just about the loss of the paper-publishing money? Government is drowning in paper - which can be 'lost' just as easily - and we need to go to easier-to-maintain and easier-to-search systems. This letter is clearly yet another political attack from opponents of the current city council. Weak tea folks. Weak tea.

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