Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hyperbole and Prevarication

That's basically all the wingnuts in Longmont have left - exaggerations and outright lies.

There is currently a claim on the web that Councilwoman Karen Benker 'cut off' Public Invited To Be Heard at a recent Longmont City Council meeting she was presiding over as Mayor Pro Tem.

Fact: The session in question was a study session.
Fact: During study sessions there is only one (1) PITBH section, not two as at regular Council meetings.
Fact: Citizens are asked to sign up ahead of time and have ample time to do so.
Fact: No one spoke up and asked to be heard at the end of the only PITBH segment.
Fact: During Pirnack's Council, PITBH segments were always later in council meetings rather than at the beginning, the first often not until 10 PM.
Fact: The Pirnack-led Council reduced the PITBH segment down to 3 minutes from 5, almost half.
Fact: The new Council reinstated the first PITBH segment at the beginning to encourage more public input.
Fact: This Council instituted the 'Coffee with Council' quarterly Town Hall meetings to give citizens more chances to talk to Council (and they've been very popular as reported by the Times-Call).
Fact: This Council began having a booth at most Main Street events to encourage input.
Fact: Claiming that Councilwoman Benker actively discouraged public comment has no basis in truth.

I believe there is a determined and systematic campaign to spread lies and misinformation about Councilmembers Benker, McCoy, Hansen and Levison - furthermore I believe it is politically-motivated, heavily funded and supervised by the Colorado GOP and elements of the recently-ousted Marilyn Musgrave's office.

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